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What kind of church are you?

We are a Christian church in south London. We are Evangelical and charistmatic. We believe the Bible is relevant today and are part of the Evangelical Alliance.

Who's there?

We are an active congregation, and a varied bunch! You can expect to meet people from a variety of different countries and every walk of life.

What shall I wear?

There is no dress code, so we encourage you to come as you are! If it helps, most of us are usually pretty casual.

What is your style?

We try to keep our services quite informal, using a mix of traditional and modern music. And we like to add a sprinkling of humour here and there!

Can I bring the children?

Absolutely. We welcome families and regularly have children join us. There are groups for different ages, but otherwise feel free to keep them with you in the service.



Harry Canning

Harry is a decorator by trade, but hung up his overalls five years ago. He is married to Phil and they have three sons. His passion is sport, and if he’s not in a pair of football boots, you’ll find him with some sort of racket in hand. Harry also teaches at our free English classes.


Phil Canning

Together with Harry, Phil has been part of CPCC for 25 years. In 2009 they moved into leadership roles. Phil is passionate about good mental health, and provides bereavement support for children through a local charity. She enjoys the theatre and is partial to Indian food.

Jayne Kumi.jpg

Jayne Kumi

Jayne hails from Ghana but has lived in the UK for over 30 years. She runs an independent ministry in Crystal Palace helping women to realise their ambitions and gain social confidence. She's a mother of three and a proud grandmamaa. Jayne has a passion for learning and believes strongly in justice and equality.


Neil Mackinnon

Neil was a printer by trade, but then spent 20 years as a missionary in the Philippines, together with his wife Jean. They’re both originally from Scotland, and Neil can sometimes still be spotted in a kilt! Neil and Jean recently became great-grandparents.

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