True Life Stories

On this page we want to share with you some of the experiences we have had as we have called out to the Lord in prayer.  These are real people who have been helped by God as we have prayed with them.

From a Lady

“Last year you prayed for my stomach, i had lots of pains and had been to the Doctor. I was told i had polyps and they would need to be removed. After i received prayer my pains went and i did not go back to the Doctor, i did not want an operation. After six months the Doctor telephoned and said they needed to be removed, so i reluctantly went to see her. After having an xray the Doctor said the Polyps had gone. I thank and Praise God for healing me!

From a Man

"At the end of the evening service i asked to be prayed for. There were two speakers, one was from Pakistan.  I had been having a lot of headaches.  Since they prayed for me, now a few months ago, i have been much better with only the occasional headache to contend with."

From a Man

"I had injured my back at work and was in some pain for a number of weeks.  After the evening service two young men prayed for me.  The next morning my back was much better and has continued to be so for these past 3 weeks. Thank you."

From a Lady

After service I went for prayer.  I had a very bad headache and had to close my eyes a lot to keep the pain down.  The persons praying for me commanded the condition to leave me and I felt something travel down my arms and out of my body, after this the headache was gone and I felt better!  Praise be to God!

This is from a Lady

"When I was out on Tuesday I slipped over, and as I fell I reached out with my right arm to save myself.  But in so doing I strained my arm so badly that I couldn't raise it very high, my wrist was also swollen.  On Wednesday at the end of the Church prayer time I asked for prayer for healing and that's what I got!!  By 11pm it was feeling better.  In the morning it was much better, pain was gone and the swelling almost non existent!  I was able to comb my hair again!"  Praise be to God! 

This is from a Lady

"I was unwell and off work.  I had been worrying about my condition for some time and was due to see the Doctor that evening for some difficult medical tests.  I did not want those particular tests but was reluctantly going along with it.  In the afternoon the doorbell went, it was our Pastor from Church, he was going past and by chance thought he should ring the bell even though he thought everyone would be at work!  When he saw my distress he prayed for me and left.  As soon as he left I felt fear coming out of my body, coming all the way down, from top to bottom and out of my body.  And then peace came into my body and flooded all over me!  When I got to the Doctor in the evening he said he had changed his mind about the difficult medical tests and would now try something different!!"  Glory be to God!

This is from Jossy

"I had an ongoing skin condition on my right foot for 10 years.  Medical and herbal intervention couldn't help so I was living with the condition.  I never thought of asking for prayers but the Sunday Chas Woods came to teach, it just came to me to ask for prayers.  So I did.  To God be the glory for great things he has done!  My skin condition is healed!  Amen!"

This is from Lena,

"I came to the Wednesday Prayer Meeting with great pain in my neck and shoulder and had been taking two lots of pain killers since Sunday.  As they prayed and laid their hands on me, heat came into my neck and shoulder and the pain went away!  I went on holiday the following day and did not have to take the pain killers again!  Praise be to God!"

This is from a young man

He recently had a bad break in his upper arm and had already had an operation.  He went for his appointment one Tuesday in December.  The hospital said that he would need surgery to put a pin in the arm in one week's time as the bone was not growing on its own.  On Sunday all those there gathered round him and prayed for healing.  On Tuesday before surgery, they checked his arm and said it had started to grow.  They postponed surgery for a month.  After one month it was 50% better.  They then gave him another 3 months to improve, but after another month the arm was completely restored.  They took away his brace and sling and declared him fit for work!  Thanks and praise be to God!

This is from a lady

This is a testimony from a lady whose husband had been unwell for some time and unable to work.  The sick pay period had come to an end and he was told his pay would be downgraded and he be moved to a different job.  It was a very stressful time and finances were stretched; he had been unable to get in touch with anyone from work to sort the matter out before the pay cut deadline arrived.  On Sunday The whole church gathered round the lady and prayed for God to intervene.  During the next week the boss telephoned two times to say that he was going to be kept on the same level of pay!  Praise the God who answers prayer!


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